“Our family has been blessed to find a church family at Lifepoint Baptist. Sound preaching of the full counsel of God’s Word and loving fellowship of like-minded believers have made us feel at home. We pray others will experience God’s presence here also.” 


Members Since 2016

“Lifepoint is a family, not a building, consisting of spiritual fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters with each of us being essential for the body of Christ to thrive. We enjoy The expositional preaching of how Gods word is applied in our life today which (although convicting) is vital to building up and sanctifying God’s people. Lifepoint is more than a church, it’s our family.”


Members Since 2014

“I was saved and baptized through the ministry of this church over 45 years ago. My husband and I were married in this church. My kids have grown up in this church. As we have traveled some over the years, we have never found another church as friendly or loving or generous as this one. The ladies Bible study which I am a part of has been a real blessing to me, challenging me to study and grow in learning the scriptures. Pastor Jay challenges us all to study, read and learn what God is teaching us through the Scriptures. If you are looking for a friendly, loving church that cherishes the inerrant Word of God, this is the one for you.” 


Member Since 1974

“The most important thing for our family when looking for a new church was a focus on Scripture. It is important for us to have our kids in a church that will help us grow them up in the truths of the faith, rooted in the Bible. Music changes, programs come and go but the Word of God stands forever and Lifepoint has its focus on God through the Word of God. This is evident in the programs the church has, the community it has built and this is the reason we have committed ourselves to Lifepoint.” 


Members Since 2019

“Immediately upon visiting Lifepoint I felt drawn into this sweet family of Christ who welcomed me warmly with open arms & hearts. The level of commitment to the Lord is evident in worship - through song and the preaching of the Word. Congregational singing is important to this body and I find it so uplifting to hear everyone around me singing with gusto each of the songs that have been carefully chosen to reflect great truths of the Gospel. The leadership at Lifepoint holds a deep regard for the things of God and those are taught through the expositional preaching. In my time at Lifepoint I’m finding myself considering the Lord in new and challenging ways that inspire me to follow Him more closely. This body is quick to assume responsibility to take care of one another – our missionaries, each other, teaching our children and I’m grateful to call Lifepoint my church family.”